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       We have a team of Architects, Software Engineers, Project Managers, Analysts and Consultants dedicated exclusively to the development of software and solutions in the Health Care domain. Among our products in this area is CAMPS (a Clinic and Practice Management System) and CHAMPS (a Hospital Management Solution System).  
  At Complete Online, we have a strong commitment to develop solutions and to solve health care IT and business intelligence problems effectively. We are able to do this through a team of software experts in the health care vertical, who understand the industry's special and unique requirements. We provide programming and development services in areas, such as Health Information Systems, Pharmacy Information Systems, and Laboratory Information systems.  
  We believe that data combined with a thorough workflow is powerful information. Powerful information is critical in understanding and better serving your customers.  
  Complete Online understands that technology is a means to an end and not an end by itself. It enables you to better service your customers, create more efficient processes and helps you achieve and exceed business objectives. Technology must facilitate and assist in growing the workflow and contour of your business processes.  
  Complete Online helps healthcare organizations remain competitive with services designed to:  
  • Simplify administrative processes
  • Make more efficient use of technology resources
  • Speed the deployment of new technology platforms
  • improve the quality of care delivery
  What Complete Online Provides:  
  • Software to manage your business
  • Healthcare Application Services
  • Database and Business Intelligence expertise
  • Examination of Security Standards